Sustainable Innovation

Data Driven Science, Technology and Innovation are at the heart of sustainable development. Inovid Technology Solutions and Ideas is committed to increase the impact of data driven R&D to contribute for sustainable development goals of local communities, entrepreneurs, industries and governments.


What we are

Inovid is a data analytics company based in Kollam, Kerala, India. We love to find simple solutions to complex challenges through data science and analytics which can contribute to sustainable development.

Data scientists mostly work theoretically and experiment with data themselves. They rarely get the chance to practice before working with data in the real-world. With data science competitions and platforms, data science enthusiasts have been proffered a platform to interact and compete in solving real-life problems.

Our Services

Inovid help Business Performance and Scalability.

We works on projects at the intersection of data science and social impact, in areas like international development, health, education, research and conservation, and public services. We want to give more organizations access to the capabilities of data science, and engage more data scientists with social challenges where their skills can make a difference.

Easy Managment
Easy Managment

At Inovid, we bring cutting-edge practices in data science and crowdsourcing to some of the world's biggest social challenges and the organizations taking them on.

Grow your Business
Grow your Business

Our first step is to frame a good predictive question, one that can be solved by the data at hand and has measurable, real-world impact. We work with organizations to understand their needs and identify productive partnerships.

Highly Customizable
Highly Customizable

When mission-driven organizations think about data, the conversation often begins and ends with measuring impact. This is an important question that requires data, but there are so many more ways that organizations can use data to drive impact.


Approaches in machine learning, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence are transforming the way organizations solve problems across industries.


Our Missions

Inovid develop Digital Strategies, Products and Services.

We work with organizations looking to make the most out of their data. We'd love to work with you to find a problem that makes a difference to your organization. If you have data and organizational goals, we can explore how to make that data work for you. See below for information about what makes a problem a good fit for a competition.


Established 2020

A data analytics Agency, that loves to make you look good.

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Building data solutions for problems that matter We help mission-driven organizations harness their data to work smarter, offer more impactful services, and use machine intelligence to its fullest potential.



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Do you have a vision for what’s possible with the right team? We know that good data scientists are hard to find and can be hard to manage if you don’t know what to expect. We provide the technical expertise and manage effective data science projects end-to-end. We work flexibly with our partners to translate business goals into the project scope and technical approach that’s the best fit for their needs and their budget.




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